Duff Miller Sixth Form College Students

Outstanding Results that Open Doors

Duff Miller Sixth Form College students achieved another outstanding set of A-Level results in 2015 and have since progressed onto a wide range of competitive degrees at the UK’s leading universities.

Helena Reynolds

A-Level: A*A*A

Law, King’s College London

‘My first couple of essays were Cs, but after feedback from my teachers I was getting As within a couple of weeks. The teachers have a huge amount of knowledge and are very inspiring. I gained entry to Law at King’s College London, and was the recipient of a Dickson Poon Scholarship. The scholarship was based on a written submission which Duff Miller helped a lot with.’

Myles Hall


Animation, UAL

‘At Duff Miller you always get the one-on-one teaching that you really need. You have a great

relationship with the teachers and with other students as well. In class, we all share ideas to create interesting and informed responses in our work. The college worked with me to understand the opportunities for university study and helped me to select the course that was right for me.’

Chandler Durbidge

A-Level: A*AB

Medicine, Barts London (Queen Mary’s)

‘I had quite a tricky AS year at my old school and got A B B in my exams. I wanted to study Medicine but my AS results made this seem impossible. When I came for my interview here, I spoke to Gareth the Vice Principal. He looked through my grades and worked out exactly what I would have to do to improve them, and told me that Duff Miller would help me get into medical school, and so they have.’

Domenica Ghella Debenedetti

A-Level: AAB

Political Economy, King’s College London

Studying in small classes and receiving one-to-one support is incredibly helpful, as the teachers can really focus on us and the students are able to get to know each other better. The teachers are always available to help, particularly in the period before exams. My Greek teacher, for instance, perfectly understood what my fears were and was able to give me exceptional support beyond the subject itself.’

Fern Maddison

A-Levels: AAB

Dentistry, Manchester University

‘Compared to my previous school, the emphasis here is on learning. Lessons are focused on how to answer exam questions so that you can approach them confidently. We learn how to apply our knowledge in a concise, clear and understandable way in order to gain maximum marks.

Teachers provide us with compact notes for all our subjects containing the essential course information. I have received lots of support with my UCAS application. I received frequent feedback on drafts of my personal statement. I also attended BMAT and UKCAT courses at the college to help me improve my technique to receive higher test scores and improve my application.’