Duff Miller Sixth Form College Pastoral Care

Providing Students with the Support They Need to Progress

At Duff Miller Sixth Form College we create an environment that ensures our students gain a rounded education, whilst still achieving their full academic potential. The pastoral care system in place has been established to provide students with the support they require in order to progress to further study at top universities, and subsequently become successful candidates in the job market.

All our students are assigned a personal tutor, who monitors lesson attendance, punctuality and performance in academic tests. Personal tutors act as the first point of contact for any questions or concerns that students or their parents may have, and they closely follow the progress and well-being of the students for whom they are responsible.

We expect Duff Miller students to conform to our rules, but we also allow them the freedom they need to develop as independent learners. The pastoral care system is in place to support this development. Senior personal tutors provide further support, if required, when students are underperforming. When assigned, they meet with students on a weekly basis, to ensure that targets are in place and that progress is monitored even more closely.

At Duff Miller, we also offer a range of extracurricular activities, including sports teams and various trips throughout the year. Taking part in these activities can help students to gain social skills and develop strong friendship groups, which we believe are both important in gaining successful academic results.

The staff at Duff Miller have a caring nature and our staffroom open-door policy means that tutors are always on hand to give support and help outside of the classroom. It is not unusual for teachers to continue class discussions with students after their lessons have finished. We pride ourselves on our ability to create an environment that fosters the growth of intelligent, independent learners who aspire to maintain the high standards that we set.

Senior Pastoral Team

Director of Pastoral Care
Robert Cousins

person The pastoral care role has two main areas of focus to enable the students experience at Duff Miller to be a positive one. The first is to work with the Director of Studies and teaching staff to ensure all student are reaching their academic potential. This is done using the new tutoring system which ensures each tutee meets with their tutor once every half term to discuss attendance, punctuality, and attainment in EPPs and mock tests against a predicted grade. This ensures early intervention is possible and those students not hitting their potential can be given more support and guidance. The second element to the role is focused around providing all the students with an extra-curricular program that involves numerous recreational activities including football, badminton, table tennis and chess amongst others. We also offer a debating society and a medical ethics society for students to discuss current issues. Students also have access to various trips including an Easter ski trip to Italy and the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme offered at both silver and gold level. This all helps to ensure Duff Miller can create an atmosphere where fully rounded students can excel academically.

IELTS Tutor & International Senior Tutor
Martyn Coulter


Martyn is Duff Miller’s Senior International Tutor and IELTS teacher. He has taught and examined IELTS for almost 20 years, which has given him a deep understanding of the exam requirements. Through his experience, Martyn is able to provide students with exact, specific feedback on their performances in reading, writing, listening and speaking, and therefore identify when students are ready to take the exam. As Senior International Tutor, Martyn is responsible for the welfare of our international students. Although most of the time our overseas students adapt well due to the secure, stable, yet academically rigorous environment we offer, sometimes they need help on a more personal level. Martyn particularly enjoys this role as it allows him to get to know his students on a more personal note. Martyn enjoys learning about the cultural life in other countries, a privilege of teaching international students. This cross-cultural appreciation and understanding lies at the heart of who he is as a person, and he seeks to convey empathy and respect for all ethnicities in both his teaching and pastoral duties.