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For over 20 years Duff Miller College, London has hosted Easter Revision courses in a wide range of A-level and GCSE subjects, helping thousands of students prepare for their examinations.

Easter is a crucial period for many students. It is at this time, with examinations in sight, that they often need the most support, and it is an Easter Revision course that helps to give students an improved subject knowledge and the confidence that they need to achieve their full academic potential in the ensuing summer examinations. The Duff Miller Easter Revision course provides a systematic approach to revision which, in turn, gives students the motivation and support that they need.

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Duff Miller College guides and motivates students throughout Easter Revision to continue the process of acquiring improved subject knowledge and help them to plan their own revision programmes for the summer. Full A-level (AS and A2 level) revision courses run for the duration of the whole week, AS or A2 level for two and a half a days, and GCSE revision courses run in either the afternoons or mornings for the whole week at our South Kensington School, South West London. Humanity subjects (English, History, Philosophy, etc) are usually taught privately (one-to-one tuition) for slightly reduced hours, as this is usually more beneficial to the student for these types of subjects.

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Easter Revision Courses London

Duff Miller Easter Revision courses are designed to enhance a student’s performance by focusing on five key aspects of exam preparation:

By a combination of these means, our courses aim to renew the student’s enthusiasm for the task ahead and to bolster the student’s confidence.

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Some Top Tips to Make the Most of Easter Revision Courses

Many students will embark on Easter revision courses in 2015 and in order to make the most of these courses, it is important to be aware of some top tips that will help ensure that the best possible G.C.S.E and A-level exam results are achieved.

Intensity the Key

When it comes to revision, procrastination is invariably the enemy and intensive Easter revision courses can help ensure that students don’t lose focus and can achieve the A-level and G.C.S.E results that they are truly capable of.

Ingredients for Success

There are clearly many different factors which play a part in being successful in exams and this is why it is prudent to consider Easter revision courses in order to focus students on the key elements to succeed in G.C.S.E’s and A-levels.

Easter Revision Courses – Giving the Grades a Leg-Up

It goes without saying that revision is central to achieving good examination grades and Easter revision courses are invariably the best way of preparing for exams in the subsequent months. Easter revision courses have many tangible benefits for students.

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Easter Revision Courses – Helping you Pass with Flying Colours

Easter revision courses can make a world of difference to your knowledge, confidence and performance when it comes to passing GCSE and A-Level exams.

Extract from The Guardian: The Easter Revision Parade

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Easter Revision or home study?

The Easter Revision holiday period is a vital time for any A-Level or GCSE student with forthcoming summer examinations. Although many students try to devise their own revision timetable and set about working at home, a wise number make the decision to take an Easter Revision Course.