Duff Miller Sixth Form College Medicine Degree Preparation

Providing Students with Comprehensive Support in the Process

At Duff Miller Sixth Form College in London we excel in preparing students aiming for a career in the Medical Sciences and, over the years, we established an expert reputation in getting students into medical school. Entry to Medical Science degrees is fiercely competitive but we offer a number of different courses that enable our students to take full advantage of our close ties with several internationally respected medical institutions. This maximises our students’ chances.

In addition to the best possible exam results, students must prove that they have what it takes to undertake a career in medicine. They need to excel both in writing with a winning personal statement and also verbally at interview.

Medical Interview Training Day in London

The Autumn Term is a time of extreme pressure for medical students applying to university and medical schools and it is essential that they are given the support and grounding needed to succeed in their application. This day offer students the chance to prepare themselves thoroughly for a medical interview.

This can be a daunting process and many students find themselves unprepared for the questions they are asked. Duff Miller realises that, in many cases, this is the first formal interview for most applicants. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned and do our best to make sure the student is as comfortable and prepared as possible.

The interview training day covers every topic required to make the applicant as knowledgeable and self-assured about the process as possible. This includes details of each medical school, a mock interview in front of a panel and individual feedback.

In addition, we host our own medical speaker evenings where students have the opportunity to hear from top practitioners in the medical field, including admissions officers, practising dentists and medics, and former Duff Miller medical students.

Students receive top coaching and support by experts in the following:

  • BMAT & UKCAT examination preparation
  • Interview skills
  • Individual interview practice
  • Personal statement writing
  • Debating medical ethics
  • First Aid training

They also receive assistance with:

  • Selecting the most suitable medical school
  • Applications for appropriate voluntary work
  • Gaining relevant work experience
  • Attendance at medical school open days