A-Level Subjects

Duff Miller Sixth Form College A-Levels

Allowing Students to Explore Subjects in Depth

Good A-­Level results are a student’s passport to an elite university education. At Duff Miller Sixth Form College we understand that this is an important stage of any student’s school career, which is why we work hard to seamlessly bridge the gap between GCSE and A-­Level study.

We offer students the flexibility to tailor their learning to suit their individual interests and ambitions, including the opportunity to combine Arts and Science subjects. Our unmatched understanding of ongoing curriculum developments ensures our teaching and university application support remains first­class. The majority of Duff Miller students follow our two­ year A-­Level programmes, but we do offer a variety of start dates and course durations.

Broad Range of Subjects

All students have the freedom to choose which subjects they wish to study. The college timetable is built around students’ subject combinations which provides maximum flexibility. Students also receive expert advice on choosing the right combination of subjects to match their university and career aspirations. For more on A-Level course details, boards and syllabus please visit the A-Level Subjects page.

Small Classes

The average class size is seven students, with a maximum of ten students. Small classes enable us to provide the close support and mentoring that students need.

Excellent Teaching

The teachers at Duff Miller Sixth Form College are highly experienced specialists in the A-­Level subjects they teach. Many hold postgraduate qualifications and are experienced examiners.

An Adult Approach to Education

Studying at our London A-­Level college means no more assemblies or compulsory after­-school activities. This approach enables students to prepare for university life and build up strong relationships with their teachers.

Targeted Exam Preparation

Students take monthly ‘EPPs’ (Exam Practice Papers) under exam conditions. EPPs familiarise students with what’s expected of them in the final examination, and allow teachers to track progress and provide tailored feedback.

Expert University Advice

Each student receives one­-to­-one advice on their university application, from writing a personal statement to choosing a university and a course. There is also the chance to attend one of our specialist courses.

Pastoral Care

Students receive extensive individual attention both inside and outside the classroom. Our system of personal tutelage offers a reassuring point of contact for both students and parents.

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