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A level Retake College London

A-Level retakes are the most intensive and demanding courses offered by Duff Miller College and take place either as a full year course or as an intensive January to June course. Based in London, our college covers the entire A- level retakes in approximately half the academic year, meaning they require absolute dedication from the student. Sound subject knowledge is undoubtedly necessary for these A-level retake courses but there is potential for dramatic results. A-Level retake courses are ideal for gap-year students who still want to have six months or more for their other plans.

If you are looking for a private college which offers A-Level retakes in London, look no further than Duff Miller. We are based in South Kensington, South West London and we are easily accessible via public transport. We have a wide range of GCSE courses and A-Level courses available.

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A level Resit College London

Retaking A Levels is probably the last thing you wanted to do. However, not only will better results get you into a better course, but the experience of taking A-Level resits at our college will probably make you a much better university student too.

CIFE colleges know A-Level resit courses inside out and their expertise in retake courses isn’t just about exam-aware teaching, it is also about helping you sort out where you went wrong last time and supporting you to make sure you don’t go wrong this time. You should quickly find that you are moving forward rather than simply repeating last year’s learning.

In helping sort out the best approach to resits, each student’s case poses different questions:

“What needs to be done?”

“Is retaking worthwhile?”

“What is the best pattern of courses and unit exams to aim for?”

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